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Introducing the world's first baby bottle cooler and warmer.

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The all-in-one device cools the milk while you are on the go as if you were carrying a mini refrigerator with you. Then with a press of a button, the same device warms the milk to body temperature within minutes.


Babba runs off a battery, so take it with you on-the-go. Leave your cooler bag at home, and forget about figuring out how to warm up the bottle, because this product does both!

Cools milk to a refrigerated temperature

Warms milk to body temperature in 5 to 10 minutes

Battery lasts 6 hours on a single charge

Fits inside a cupholder for easy transportation

Smartphone companion app for temperature control and setting a timer

Run your device indefinitely from an outlet


As a mom who is constantly taking my baby to new places, Babba has made feedings easy! I no longer need to carry around a cooler bag and ice, or to figure out how I am going to warm the bottle.


I gotta say, I love this product! I was literally carrying a plastic bag full of ice before discovering Babba. Game changer!


This device allows me to pump on the go! My portable breastpump works great, however I still need to rush home to get the milk into the fridge. But with Babba I have a portable cooler with me at all times.


I got Babba as a gift for my daughter who just had a baby. Although I ended up using it when watching our grandson. I love how simple it is to use!


Experience more of life outside of the house with the world's first baby bottle cooler and warmer.

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What is all included in the purchase?
  • Babba Base
  • Babba Bottle
  • Nipple (infant flowrate)
  • Collar and Cover for Bottle
  • Power Adapter
How does it work?

The Babba Base has a thermal plate on the top that either cools the milk to refrigerated temperature or warms the milk to body temperature.

Just pour the milk into the bottle, attach the smart device to the bottle, and click the button to begin cooling or warming.

How fast does Babba cool or warm the bottle?

Babba cools milk faster than a traditional fridge and warms it to body temperature within 5-10 minutes.

What is the bottle made out of and how much does it hold?

The Babba bottle is made from high quality stainless steel and is vacuum insulated to ensure uniform temperature.

The bottle holds 8 ounces (240mL).

Is the bottom Base waterproof?

Unfortunately the bottom base is not waterproof, and thus the side vents should be kept dry.

We understand accidents do happen though, so please contact us if you have a spill!

How do I clean the device?

The Babba Base contains electronics, which should be kept dry.  Just wipe the top of Babba with one of the provided Breast Pump wipes, or use a damp cloth with a dab of soap.

The Babba Bottle may be washed with soap and water, or washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Ok this looks awesome, but what are the drawbacks?

Let's bring up some negatives, we are not trying to pull a fast one on you. Here is why you may reconsider purchasing:

  • Babba must remain vertical in operation. The thermal plate on top of the Base must be touching the milk so you cannot lay it down sideways.
  • The vents on the side of the base are essential for cooling and warming, thus they cannot be covered. Unfortunately that means you cannot put the device inside a close bag while it is running.
  • The bottom Base is not waterproof, so if you unsatisfied with the recommended cleaning process this device may not be for you.
Can I use my favorite bottle instead of the Babba bottle?

The Babba Bottle is vacuum insulated (like a Hydro Flask), which allows it to cool and warm so effectively. So you cannot cool or warm using he typical plastic or glass bottle, however please feel free to pour the milk into your preferred bottle if you don't want to feed with the Babba bottle and nipple.

What can I use the Babba smartphone app for?

The Babba app allows you to control the device from your phone: start cooling or warming, check the battery, or update the software on your device.

The app also allows you to schedule your warming time. This is an incredible feature for your nighttime feedings! The device will cool the milk until the scheduled time, and then will begin warming. That way you and your baby can both wake up to warm milk!

Can I fly with it?

Yes, Babba is TSA-approved for air travel. Its compact design makes it a perfect companion for family trips, ensuring your baby's feeding routine stays seamless.

Does it actually cool down freshly pumped milk?

Yes, we promise! And we don't use any ice. Wherever you are pumping, you can put the milk into Babba and cool it as if it were in a refrigerator. But it does take more energy to cool warm milk so the battery won't last quite as long as compared to cooling already cold milk.